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We've launched our biggest campaign to date for social enterprise soap brand BECO, by inviting employers up and down the country to steal their staff. There are 1.1 million disabled people out of work in the UK. BECO are doing their bit - 80% of their staff are visually impaired, disabled and disadvantaged - but they believe every company can and should be doing more to reduce the disability employment gap. If their staff move onto bigger and better things, then they can create more job opportunities for those that need it. Our integrated campaign is aimed at those in position to hire, and ranges from packaging, to social and OOH.


"Our debut BECO campaign was all about introducing the brand and it's values to the world," says TBWA London's CEO, Sara Tate. "This second campaign gives us a chance to get even more creative. #StealOurStaff is a highly original twist on the staid old recruitment ad. More importantly, though, it's going to provoke a much-needed conversation about the U.K.'s shameful disability employment gap

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