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Nissan ULEZ


Ourselves and Manning Gottlieb OMD created a tech & data driven campaign for Nissan that highlights how the brand’s 100% electric vehicle – the Nissan LEAF – is exempt from London’s impending ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) charge.


The campaign uses proprietary technology, developed by Ocean Outdoor, at congested traffic light locations like Gypsy Corner, Finchley Road and Holland Park Roundabout in central London.


The intelligent technology detects the make and model of the vehicle that is waiting at the lights, that triggers a bespoke message displayed in real-time on the Digital Out of Home screens, with messaging about the ULEZ charge they would incur from 8 April if they entered the ULEZ zone and how the Nissan LEAF is ULEZ exempt.


If the driver is already in a Nissan LEAF the ad congratulates them on avoiding the charge by being #ULEZready.


The campaign is further supported by print, digital and social which culminates with a personalised message to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, as he aims to improve London’s air quality by lowering pollution levels.

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