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What better way to communicate the AIRBNB brand idea of ‘belong anywhere’ than with animals who appear to be perfectly at home in ‘homes’ that you wouldn’t normally associate them with? An Armadillo in a mouse hole, a penguin up a tree, a pig in a fish bowl. All happily experiencing the homes and therefore lifestyles of other creatures.

We created charming, Pixar-like animals using CG and placed them inside incongruous homes. Demonstrating AIRBNB’s mantra of Belong Anywhere in a purely visual way. The idea ran in social across the globe and on digital OOH in the UK.

Cannes - 5 Gold Lions for Outdoor

Cannes - 5 Silver Lions for Outdoor

Creative Circle - Best illustrated

Creative Circle - Best Art Direction

Creative Circle - Best Poster

Creative Circle - Best image manipulation

Creative Circle - Best low budget idea

Creative Circle - Best integrated campaign

D&AD - Graphite Pencil

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