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Welcome to Cheddar Town

Jacob's Mini Cheddars

Britain’s much-loved snack, Mini Cheddars, are unveiling an exciting, animated creative platform today to launch new Mini Cheddars Sticks.  


Welcome to Cheddar Town: an animated world where cheese and townsfolk live together in harmony… until someone gets hungry for Mini Cheddars­­, the snack baked with REAL cheese. That’s when our cheeses go from friends to food in the eyes of the townspeople. Eventually, our cheese characters catch on, and so begins a not so classic take on the cat-and-mouse chase.

The launch film introduces Cheddar Town the only way an animation should – through a jingle. The colourful cartoon is full of clever Easter Eggs alongside a motley crew of townsfolks and cheeses.

The launch film is supported by a series of shorter spots which show each cheese realising that they are the town’s food source. Of course, it wouldn’t be a social campaign without an influencer. We’ll also introduce Cheeza, a cheese influencer from Cheddar Town who graces us with a few cheesy sponsored posts of her own.


The ‘Welcome to Cheddar Town’ campaign will be launching on Channel 4 on Friday 12th March, as part of a 7-week campaign, and will be accompanied by amplification on social.

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