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Jaffa Jonuts Launch


McVitie’s have launched new Jaffa Jonuts, the delicious love child of their iconic Jaffa Cake and a donut. Not only is this new treat mouth-wateringly irresistible, it is the perfect testament to the brand position of “Be what you want to be.” After all, if a Jaffa Cake now wants to be a Jonut, who are we to stand in its way?


When a product is this good, the communications almost write themselves. The campaign focusses on showing the Jaffa Jonuts in all their visual glory, featuring a hero Jonut shot from multiple delicious angles and the unmistakable Jaffa Cakes layers of chocolate, sponge and tangy orange centre. As one execution playfully explains: “all yum breaks loose”. 

The product is so good in fact, it even grabs the attention of those in other adverts; for example a model selling perfume is distracted by the overwhelming desire to give a Jonut a try!


The campaign will be visible across out of home sites across the country and Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

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