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My Lidl job


Trolls: The scourge of the internet. The scourge of brands.
Best left alone, right?

But what if we could take Lidl’s biggest trolls and turn them into their biggest fans?

We approached shoppers who inaccurately trolled the brand. 
Then we asked them if they fancied a job. 

Real life online doubters were shipped off to spend a week with trawler men and farmers so they could see for themselves how Lidl source the highest quality meat, fish,
and veg sustainably. 

Their experience was broadcast on national television,
in store, in press, out of home, radio and social media.


Creative Circle - Best Integrated Campaign

FAB Awards - Best Integrated Campaign Grand Prix

FAB Awards - TV & Cinema Advertising

FAB Awards - Social Media/Business

FAB Awards - Integrated Campaigns

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