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Game of Talents


When there’s a new talent show coming to TV and you’re the nation’s favourite biscuit, you’ve got to throw your hat in the ring. Especially when you’re McVitie’s and your brand platform is “Too Good Not Too Share”. Turns out every biscuit in the McVitie’s family has a talent to share with the nation.


Launching in spring, Game of Talents asks contestants to guess the talent of the person on stage before that person reveals their unique skill. Naturally, we built a world made of biscuits and decided to imagine exactly what talent each McVitie’s biscuit flavour would bring to the stage.


Cue Digestives with failed magic tricks, HobNobs lifting their bodyweight and biscuits who can play the piano (well, sort of).

The campaign features 12 idents, each one heroing a different McVitie’s biscuit flavour in the extensive range and will be played throughout the three month duration of the show.

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