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Cancer is working
from home

Ovarian Cancer Action

We have created a campaign for Ovarian Cancer Action urging women that lockdown shouldn’t get in the way of a visit to the GP if someone has symptoms of ovarian cancer.


Cancer doesn’t stop just because we’re all at home is the message of the out-of-home work, which goes live this week on Ocean Outdoor’s iconic Piccadilly Lights screen. ‘Cancer is working from home’ reads the billboard, in reaction to the devastating news that cancer referrals have dropped by 75% due to COVID-19.

Charity Chief Executive Cary Wakefield, said: “Whilst many of us are working from home to avoid the spread of COVID-19, cancer is going undetected. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms, your GP wants to see you. And let us be clear, you are not a burden. Catching cancer early actually helps the NHS and even more importantly, an early cancer diagnosis can save your life.”


The charity has estimated at least an extra 35,000 people will die of cancer due to COVID-19 and is particularly concerned that women with ovarian cancer will be significantly affected.

We created a second set of work to emphasise the serious impact of not visiting the GP during this time if anyone is worried about their health, using copylines such as: "Cancer doesn’t wait in line” and "Cancer is the second wave”. The out-of-home executions will be housed on digital Clear Channel inventory in shopping malls nationwide.

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