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Ovarian Cancer Action


To mark World Ovarian Cancer Day on Sunday 8th May 2022, we created and launched a Twitter social campaign for Ovarian Cancer Action under the hashtag #FollowedbyCancer.


The campaign, which centred around four uniquely created Twitter handles following people with ovaries on the social platform, was designed to represent how easily the signs of the disease can be ignored, as they are mistaken for less life-threatening everyday ailments. The Twitter handles went by the symptomatic names of "I need a wee again", "bloated belly", "my tummy hurts" and "feel full quickly", and the campaign followed 7500 people with ovaries on Twitter (the same number that get diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year). Unveiling that the four accounts were in fact the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer, the Twitter accounts mimicked the way the symptoms get ignored in real life. 

The campaign is the result of 2021’s #PoweredByTweets competition which we won for our client Ovarian Cancer Action, having pitched a creative idea that utilised the media platform as central to the concept. In addition to the Twitter campaign, Clear Channel UK provided a number of premium OOH sites for World Ovarian Cancer Day. The OOH creative highlighted how dismissed symptoms can quickly become serious through a series of headlines that demand a second loo

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