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What gives life

can also take it

Ovarian Cancer Action

In the UK, a woman dies of Ovarian Cancer every 2 hours. A devastating figure to a problem that isn’t going away. OCA’s mission is to get to a world where no one dies of this disease. And the more that can be done to raise awareness and educate people to take action, the more lives can be saved.  


We kicked off the campaign by bringing out a range of knickers with beautifully designed embroideries of the female reproductive system, overlaid with striking images of bombs, frails and grenades. The idea of the campaign being that whilst ovaries can give life, they can also take it away if affected by cancer. 

Launched on World Ovarian Cancer Day (8th May), influencers including Cara Delahoyde-Massey and Lisa Snowdon posed in our embroidered knickers using the #poseinmypants to raise awareness of the dangers of Ovarian Cancer. 


The social media campaign directed people to Ovarian Cancer Action to read more about how the charity is funding ground breaking research and how individuals can take action.

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