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Healthy Delivery Service


Pizza deliveries are a quick fix for lazy days, when you don’t feel like cooking or you’re hungover and need reviving.
But getting a pizza delivered is never considered an ethical action, right?

East London-based pizza start-up Sodo challenged our preconceptions with a campaign from TBWA\London. Concerned about the culture surrounding fast-food production and its often polluting-touting delivery, the ethical pizzeria decided to create an alternative.

Runners from the Run Dem Crew, a local running club, delivered the pizza for free. You could even watch the runners in real-time via live Periscope streams and send messages to them with shortcuts…
Sodo trialled this healthy pizza delivery service all with the slogan; locally sourced ingredients, locally sourced runners, zero emissions and maximum taste. Sodo sold out of pizzas quickly and the proceeds of the event went to local charity.


FAB Awards - Silver XS

Creative Circle - Best Low Budget Idea

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